Perfect for warm winter nuts and fries all year long. Plus, handy for portion control.

Chip scoop 12oz. A 12oz PLA lined chip scoop, because everybody wants fries with that. Part of the Tasting Notes collection - a colourful collection of quality eco packaging to bring street food style into foodservice.

Product dimensions approx.
Length: 90mm
Width: 58.5mm
Height: 120mm
Weight: 1.6g
Ordering Code TKVCST12
Unit Quantity50 per Sleeve/1000 per Carton
Price per Sleeve$7.92
Price per Carton$132.00

Cone kraft. (being discontinued - use TK01NPCONE once sold out, as alternative) Paper cones for chips, churros, fried bites, chestnuts, pretzels or any hot treats to go.. Leak-proof ergonomic cone with a grease-resistant lining. Sustainable card. Brown kraft colour. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants, not plastic.

175mm high
149mm top width when laid flat
Ordering Code TKVWKRCONE
Unit Quantity100 per Pack/1000 per Carton
Price per Pack$12.60
Price per Carton$105.00

Cone, newspaper print. Paper cones for chips, chestnuts or pretzels. Newspaper design for a retro feel, but unlike real newspaper, these are food-safe!

Product dimensions
Length: 147mm
Width: 149mm
Height: 154mm
Weight: 32.1g
Ordering Code TK01NPCONE
Unit Quantity100 per Pack/1000 per Carton
Price per Pack$18.00
Price per Carton$128.00

Cone display 10 hole tray 44 x 15 x 9cm - Kraft corrugated board. Supplied flat, easily folded. Designed for large and jumbo cones.  Photo shows filled cones for display purposes only - not included with product.

Ordering Code FSAPCCHLGE
Item dimensions44 x 15 x 9cm
Unit Quantity1 per Piece/10 per Sleeve
Price per Piece$5.61
Price per Sleeve$51.00

Cone Pine 12.5 x 8.5cm Small - sleeve of 100

Ordering CodeFSDT65
Item dimensions12.5 x 8.5cm
Unit Quantity100 per Sleeve
Price per Sleeve$16.12

Cone Pine 18 x 9cm Medium - sleeve of 100

Ordering CodeFSDT66
Item dimensions18 x 9cm
Unit Quantity100 per Sleeve
Price per Sleeve$26.13

Cone Pine 20 x 9.5cm Large - sleeve of 100

Ordering CodeFSDT67
Item dimensions20 x 9.5cm
Unit Quantity100 per Sleeve
Price per Sleeve$35.48

Cone Pine 24 x 10cm Jumbo - sleeve of 100

Ordering CodeFSDT68
Item dimensions24 x 10cm
Unit Quantity100 per Sleeve
Price per Sleeve$43.34