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Friendlypak’s range of starch-based foam packing products are designed to provide a sustainable and compostable solution for a range of packaging, storage, freight and export applications. They are however sensitive to water so not suitable for wet applications or products that condensate.

Pop Starch - is a wonderful new product designed to replace foam polystyrene chips (sometimes called packing peanuts). Manufactured in New Zealand from starch and expanded like popcorn, it is used as a void or loose fill for packing, mail order, export, preventing carton collapse and product migration, protecting products and the planet.  It is naturally anti-static so gives superior flow characteristics, reducing packing time. 

Wave and Flat Starch - are flexible sheets so are suitable for wrapping or protection between high-quality surfaces. A replacement for Bubble Wrap.

Sheet Starch - comes in a range of sheet thicknesses and is ideal as a replacement for traditional petroleum based foam sheets or blocks. They are flexible in one direction.

Block Starch - is a versatile multi-use nonflexible product, available in a range of thicknesses. Its thick construction makes it suitable for machining or as packing or insulation. Great for large or high-value item protection for export and local freight and courier packing.

All these foam products are based on maize starch, they are sustainable, renewable, compostable and will even dissolve in water. They can be disposed of in composts in your garden or lawn or even flushed, anywhere but your waste collection, therefore, saving landfill. These starch products will enhance your goods and brand image while also making a difference to our environment.


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