Kraft Food Trays - 5 different sizes. Product Codes: TKT025, TKT100, TKT200, TKT300, TKT500 see /Products/Food-Serv/Takeaway-Containers

Hot Container 4oz (approx 120ml) for Soup, etc. Product Code: HCSC04 see /Products/Food-Serv/Hot-Cold-Containers/Hot-Container-white-PLA-lined-4oz

Sugarcane Clam 13 x 13cm Product Code:TKB005 see /Products/Food-Serv/Takeaway-Containers/Burger-box-Sugar-Cane---coming-soon-Oct-2019



Paper Straws - see 6 sizes here (wrapped, bendy, etc) - /Products/Food-Serv/Straws

White Glassine Bags with & without window for hot food like Chips, Pies, etc - 2 sizes of each - here - /Products/Bag-Pak/Paper-Bags

Sugarcane Clam 16 x 16cm - new size - /Products/Food-Serv/Takeaway-Containers


Lids for Cold Cups 96mm without a Hole see here - /Products/Food-Serv/Cups/Cold-Cup-lid-96mm-PLA-Flat-no-hole - arrived Nov 2019


Vegware 'HULA" Paper Cold Cups are here - arrived Nov 2019 - see examples of the 4 sizes here: /Products/Food-Serv/Cups




More sizes of Compostable Natureflex Barrier Bags made from timber cellulose from Vegware - arrived Feb 2019 -

see here /Products/Bag-Pak/NatureFlex-Bag


More sizes of Compostable Waxed Kraft Deli Paper coming early 2019 from Vegware - some stock arrived Feb 2019 -

see here /Products/Food-Pak/Paper-Wrap-Greaseproof


Hot (and Cold) Cups with Unilids so that you can use the same lid across the entire range - arrived Feb 2019 -

see here - /Products/Food-Serv/Hot-Cups


Hot Cups with Embossed/Double Wall- arrived Feb 2019 -

see here - /Products/Food-Serv/Hot-Cups