Fabulous food service options for cafés, takeaways, events, food presentation. Your organisation can now make the switch to using biodegradable and compostable products for food service.

For takeaway or sit down dining needs, our Potatopak and Sugar Cane ranges come in an extensive offering of plates, bowls, punnets and clams. For cabinet food display, we have a range of Bamboo plates and serving options which have proven to be hugely popular.

Food waiting to be served can be covered with our biodegradable cling film. As well as being biodegradable and fully compostable, our cling film is also safe and non-toxic, and available in domestic or commercial sizes.

Our compostable coffee cups come in all the standard sizing, along with lids to fit. We encourage the use of our recycled paper serviettes to wrap around the cup for protection from heat, and they are useful to wipe mouths afterwards! Compostable drinking straws are available for all cold drink needs.

Our timber cutlery range has received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, who like the eco-friendly look and function of the products.  Container, food waste, serviette and cutlery can all be composted, worm farmed or collected in organic refuse bins.

Use compostable wherever possible and return organic matter to the earth – as nature intended.


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