- biodegradable & degradable plastic bags

 - compostable biobags

  • Biodegradable and Degradable plastics are NOT the same as compostable. They do NOT comply to international standards and are NOT certified compostable or biodegradable
  • BioBags are recognised as compostable and biodegradable and are certified by international standards: European Norm EN13432 and ASTM D6400 among others
  • Made almost entirely of regular plastic with approximately 3% only degradable additive. The additive alone can break down causing the plastic to fragment, but none of the plastic degrades as claimed.
  • BIoBags are completely non-toxic and include renewable resource like maize starch and vegetable oils.
  • These Biodegradable and Degradable products like Oxo-degradable bags can break down into fragments of plastic or micro plastics which become persistent toxic accumulators.
  • BioBags break down into compost which is beneficial for the whole ecosystem
  • NOT able to be recycled or composted so there is no end of life benefits.
  • BioBags are able to be composted in domestic and commercial compost facilities
  • Harmful to sea-life, birds and the ecosystem, contaminating waterways and soils.
  • BioBags can even be digested by marine life, safe in a worm or animal farm.
  • These Biodegradable and Degradable products like Oxo-degradable bags break into tiny fragments, like 'confetti' but this does not mean they are biodegrading.
  • Even if the end of life for BioBags is landfill, while that is not desirable or the intent for compostable packaging, it is still better than using traditional packaging for reasons like:
    • They include sustainable renewable resources, so the non-renewable unsustainable resources are not wasted.
    • Relative to traditional packaging, compostable packaging is currently produced in smaller quantities so the costs are higher. Purchasing more compostable packaging will drive these costs and consequently prices down.
    • Using compostable packaging will increase demand, this means it will be easier to justify infrastructure to prevent compostable materials from being sent to landfill.


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