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Our BioBags bags and films are breathable, soft and strong, as well as being compostable and biodegradable. To understand more about what compostable and biodegradable means, please visit the BioBag website, here:

Manufactured from Mater-Bi; the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components such as starch, cellulose, vegetable oils, biodegradable polymers and natural plasticisers. No palm oil or GE (GMO) materials are used in the manufacture of these brilliant bags.

For cafes and staffrooms we suggest collecting food scraps in either our MaxAir or TallAir bins with compostable liners.  These ventilated bin systems are fantastic for kitchen refuse, particularly fruit and vegetable. No mess, no smell, and no fuss – once full, simply tie up the liner and take directly to the compost, worm farm or green collection bin as the liner will compost along with the contents.

Our compostable Ziplock Bags are suited for a variety of uses from kitchens to pantries to school lunches.

Using compostable bags where ever possible results in a huge reduction of waste going to landfills and returns organic matter to the earth – as nature intended. Using compostable bags saves time and does the environment a big favour!


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