Coming Soon to Friendlypak


1/2/3/4oz White Paper Sauce Cups with Water based Coating and 62mm diam Paper Lid - ETA late 2024


500/750/1000ml Round Kraft Food Containers with Paper Lids - ETA late Aug 2024


90mm Tutti Frutti coloured Paper Ice Cream Spoons - ETA late Aug 2024


Various new Unbleached Greaseproof Sheet/Burger Wrap - ETA late Aug 2024


Paper 90mm compostable ice cream spoon - ETA late 2023 - arrived, see /Products/Cutlery-/Spoons


Paper Teaspoons - ETA early 2024 - arrived, see /Products/Cutlery-/Spoons


Paper Cutlery - Knife, Fork, Spoon and sets of all 3 plus Serviette - arrived 2023 - see

/Products/Cutlery-/Knives CTVPKN6.2 - Knife Paper 16cm

/Products/Cutlery-/Forks CTVPFK6.2 - Fork Paper 16cm

/Products/Cutlery-/Spoons CTVPSP6.2 - Spoon Paper 16cm


CTPKFSWN - Cutlery Set, Paper 16cm knife, fork, spoon & white napkin in kraft paper wrap

CTPKFWN - Cutlery Set Paper 16cm knife, fork & white napkin in kraft paper wrap


BioBag freezer bag transparent 4L BG182287 - arrived June 2022 see /Products/Bag-s-Range/Bin-Liners


Handled Paper Bag 20L BG20CAR - arrived January 2022 see /Products/Bag-s-Range/Carry-Bags


Serviette 2-ply Unbleached 30 x 30cm TSLUNCH - arrived Jan 2022 see /Products/Serviettes-Napkins


Paper Hot Cup Lid (alternative to CPLA) 79mm and 89mm - ETA Oct 2021 - arrived, see: HCVLID79P & HCVLID89P here:- /Products/Hot-Cups/Hot-Lids


Sugarcane Clam's - new sizes - 12cm and 25x12cm - ETA Oct 2021 - arrived, see: TKBOX005 & TKBOX9X5 here:- /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Clams-Hinged-Containers 


A 'new' 5 Compartment Sugarcane Meal Tray and Lid - stock due May 2021 - arrived, see: FS5CSET here:- /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Punnets-Trays-Bowls/


Paper Hot Cup Lid (alternative to CPLA) 90mm and 115mm - stock due May 2021 - arrived, see HCVLID90P & HCVLID115P  here:- /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Hot-Containers/


New Smaller Brown Kraft Pizza Box (7") - small stock due May 2021 - arrived, see TKBOX007 here:- /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Pizza-Boxes/


'Bon Appetit' Paper Food Bowl 26oz & 48oz PLA lined with optional 185mm Lid - arrived, see HCRSC26HCRSC48 in stock here - /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Hot-Containers/


Deli/Salad Food Bowl 24oz & 32oz clear PLA with optional 185mm Lid CPVL185F - arrived, see CPRB24 & CPRB32 here - /Products/Clear-Deli-Containers-Pots-Clams/Deli-Containers---Round/


Kraft Food Trays - 5 different sizes - ETA Feb 2020 - arrived, see - /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Punnets-Trays-Bowls/


Hot Container 4oz (approx. 120ml / 144ml brim) for Soup, Gelato, Tastings, etc. - ETA Feb 2020 - arrived, see HCSC04 here - /Products/Takeaway-Containers/Hot-Containers/


Here at Friendlypak we always have new products on the horizon to replace old-world petroleum-based products as all we sell are Compostable products.


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