"Kokako has been working with Kevin and the team from Friendlypak for over 4 years. The staff at Friendlypak think the same way we do – challenging perceptions of old packaging ideals and coming up with better and more sustainable ways of presenting products. We use Friendlypak products across both our retail and wholesale business and recommend them to others who are wishing to forge a more sustainable path in their business.”
Mike Murphy, Managing Director, Kokako, Auckland  www.kokako.co.nz  Follow us: http://twitter.com/kokakoorganic


Cosset Café

"Friendlypak has been our supplier since early 2010, they're good honest people who know their products and their customers. We count on Friendlypak for all our eco friendly packaging solutions and love doing business with them"
Kellie,  http://www.cosset.co.nz  1087 New North Rd, Auckland


Spark/Gen-I TechRestore

"Friendlypak is an outstanding company to work with, ordering their environmentally friendly products could not be easier.
We made the switch from generic void fill to Pop Starch and have had nothing but positive feedback from all parties involved.
We would recommend Friendlypak to anyone who is wanting to improve on environmentally friendly products within their business."
Nicola,  http://www.gen-i.co.nz  Hamilton.


de Vice Café

"We've been using Friendlypak takeaway products for several months now and have had an amazing response from our customers regarding the fact that all of the products are biodegradable and from renewable resources. The bamboo cutlery in particular still fascinates people today. Bailey has been wonderful to work with, making ordering and trialing the Friendlypak products a dream."
Kylie Jessen, Manager, de Vice Cafe,  Innovation Park, Hamilton. www.maggyscatering.co.nz  


We Compost

"Friendlypak are our preferred supplier of certified compostable products. Their product selection is fantastic, the service is prompt and reliable, and staff are knowledgeable - always happy to go the extra mile to help out! Thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting the best products and great service."
Steve Rickerby, steve@wecompost.co.nz ∣ wecompost.co.nz ∣ compostshop.co.nz


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