Our food preparation range covers personal hygiene, food processing, handling, and food storage. 

Convenient environmentally sound solutions for kitchens and food service areas large or small, after use no cleaning is required you can just add them to your food waste stream for composting.  Economical, sustainable and hygienic.

For kitchens and food preparation areas we have a variety of products, from disposable gloves, to a world first product – biodegradable cling film, which is completely compostable allowing it to be disposed of along with your other compostable items. As well as being biodegradable, our cling film is also safe and non-toxic. It is available in a commercial or domestic size (not avail at this time sorry). 

Our compostable Ziplock Bags are also suited for a variety of food prep uses - see /Products/Bag-Pak/Zipper-Bag/Zipper-Bag-Sandwich.  

Our Potatopak and Sugar Cane container ranges come in many sizes and styles also ideal in the food preparation area - see /Products/Food-Serv/Sugarcane-plates.

Compostable liners for bins are also available for your food prep scraps. Check out the BagPak page for the sizes available - see /Products/Bag-Pak/Bin-Liners.

Using compostable wherever possible results in a huge reduction of waste going to landfills, and returns organic matter to the earth – as nature intended. Using compostable products for food preparation saves time and does the environment a big favour!


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But please also browse this site for your requirements as Vegware isn't processing online orders at this time.


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