We provide a range of products and services suitable for use during events.

For food service stands and cafes at the event, we have many products suitable for serving takeaway coffee and food, such as disposable PLA & paper coffee cups, timber cutlery, unbleached serviettes, bamboo plates and bowls, and Potatopak punnets. In particular we recommend the use of our Sugar Cane range of trays, bowls and plates. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they’re perfect for storing or displaying food at stalls or cafes. Because they’re compostable, they can simply be disposed of after the event, doing the environment a big favour and saving you time and money cleaning up. We can bring in samples for you to try out, to determine which products in the range would best suit your particular event.

We also have our NEW biodegradable cling film, for storing food at service stands and cafes. It can be disposed of along with your other compostable materials. Depending on your use case, we have both regular and commercial sizes available.

After use these compostable products they can simply be disposed of along with food scraps in labelled ‘organic waste’ wheelie bins at the event.

For hygiene we can supply disposable gloves.

We also supply liners to fit all size bins for other areas within the grounds.  By using bin liners you save time and money cleaning out smelly bins, and do the environment a big favour. 

We can assist in setting up separated waste streams, by clearly labelling the wheelie bins with, “organic waste”, “landfill”, “recycled paper/cardboard”, “recycling glass”, “recycling plastic” etc. 

For events held in the Hamilton and Auckland Areas we recommend using ‘We Compost’, who provide a service to deliver organic waste bins to your event site.  The bins are then picked up and delivered to Envirofert - a fully consented composting site, where the waste then gets turned in to Certified Organic, nutrient dense compost which helps to rebuild the soil in agricultural or home gardens! Phone 0800 WECOMPOST or visit to organise.

For any further information regarding any of the above, please contact us.


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