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We can visit your premises and take a look at what is already being used, suggesting some alternative products to make the switch to being environmentally friendly easy!

For internal cafes and staffrooms we suggest collecting staffroom food scraps in either our Max Air or Tall Air bins with compostable liners.  These ventilated bin systems are fantastic for kitchen refuse, particularly fruit and vegetable peels! No mess, no smell, and no fuss – once full, simply tie up the liner and take directly to the compost, worm farm or green collection bin as the liner will compost along with the contents.

Our new biodegrable cling film is great for storing food, and is completely compostable, allowing it to be disposed of along with your other compostable items. As well as being biodegrable, our cling film is also safe and non-toxic. For extensive use, it is also available in a commercial size.

For cafeterias we also suggest collecting kitchen scraps separately in  40L "R2D2" wheelie bin, lined with one of our compostable sacks. This separation of organic waste from landfill allows the organic waste to be composted, worm farmed or collected by a service such as Greenwork, to be taken to a composting facility. This simple change results in a huge reduction of waste going to landfills, and returns organic matter to the earth – as nature intended. Using a compostable liner for the wheelie bin saves you time cleaning out smelly bins, and does the environment a big favor!

For cabinet food display, we have a new product range that has just become available – our Bamboo range, which has proven to be hugely popular. Designed to be disposable and 100% compostable, simply pop it in with the organic waste once you are finished with it.

For cafeteria kitchens and staffrooms, we offer a wide range of products, such as our compostable coffee cups. Available in all of the standard sizes, and with lids to fit. We encourage the use of our unbleached paper serviettes to wrap around the cup for protection from heat and spills. Our Sugar Cane and Potatopak ranges are great for storing food, and are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We also offer compostable drinking straws and utensils, in a few different sizes.

Our fantastic option for council buildings is the Waste Solution Centre, labelled stackable bins which only take up a small footprint, and make sorting waste easy. Label each bin with its waste stream, e.g:  organic waste, paper recycling, landfill etc. This enables simple and effective streaming of waste, reducing unnecessary landfill by using the correct bin to dispose of whichever item. 

In conjunction with the waste solution centre, we can convert those under desk bins to desktop ‘Desk Cubes’. Simply remove the under-desk rubbish bin entirely and replace with the Desk Cube, lined with a compostable liner. This is all that’s needed as a holder for those messy items like coffee spills, apple cores, gum, tissue etc. The Desk along with any other waste items like paper and drink bottle are simply carried to a central waste separation centre for sorting.

The Desk Cube can be labelled with your brand, and is small enough to fit in a draw or on a desk. The benefits of this relatively small change are significant. Diversion from landfill of 60% to 90% begins with the Desk Cube and MaxAir and is almost immediate, generating cost savings that usually more than cover the expenses. Staff usually plan their walk to the separation centre to coincide with something else, so little if any extra time is taken. The extra exercise improves their health, wellbeing and work efficiency. Staff moral also rises, because they can see the difference the changes make and their interaction with others improves… Simple! A win-win for all, including our environment!

If void fill is used within the building, we offer a wonderful planet friendly alternative, Pop Starch. Made in NZ from expanded starch, Pop Starch is an innovative product - 100% compostable and biodegradable with no disposal costs, easier handling due to being non static - reducing labour time, and having many environmental benefits.  We have a number of companies who have found Pop Starch an excellent alternative to polystyrene, and haven’t looked back!

Our Sugar Cane and Potatopak range are ideal for functions. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes including plates and bowls, allowing them to be used with a variety of foodstuffs.

If you are interested in finding out more, or to arrange a visit from one of our reps, please visit our contact us page.


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