beyond recycling - compostable and biodegradable products

Friendlypak products contain renewable and sustainable resources and are guaranteed not to last… After use they can be composted and returned to the earth, called Cradle to Cradle, saving landfill and enhancing our environment.

Why do we only recycle about 20% of our waste?

There is a reason… food waste is usually contaminated with packaging so can’t be composted… packaging is usually contaminated with food so can’t be recycled… The solution… Compostable Packaging! Combined with food and green waste; both food & packaging can be composted together!

Supported by our proven food scrap collection bin systems Friendlypak provides economical earth friendly alternatives that can replace existing old world petroleum based options that are damaging our only planet. We supply industries such as export, packaging, waste management, hospitality, food service, and manufacturing through to the consumer.

All our compostable and biodegradable products are genuine and contain renewable resources that are grown and manufactured sustainably, enabling reduced dependence on oil. They contain no toxic or harmful ingredients and have a superior TLCA (total life cycle analysis). They also have a reduced environmental footprint, are traded fairly and produced without exploitation or harm to people or animals.


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