oxy-f plastic bags

Friendlypak biobags

  • Do NOT comply to international standards and are NOT certified as compostable or biodegradable
  • BioBags are recognised as compostable and biodegradable and are certified by international standards: European Norm EN13432, EN13432 or ASTM
  • Made almost entirely of regular PET plastic, which is made from petroleum and contains approximately 3% biodegradable additive
  • BIoBags are completely non-toxic and are derived from renewable resource Maize, containing absolutely no petroleum
  • Breaks down into tiny fragments of plastic which act as an attractor to toxins
  • BioBags break down into rich, natural compost which is beneficial for the whole ecosystem
  • NOT able to be recycled or composted
  • BioBags are able to be composted in domestic and commercial compost facilities
  • Harmful to sea-life, birds and the ecosystem
  • BioBags are completely safe to be digested by marine life
  • The oxy-degradable plastic breaks into tiny fragments, releasing toxic 'confetti' into the earth, waterways and soils
  • If BioBags are sent to landfill, they produce 70% less greenhouse gases upon degradation