Friendlypak food packaging, display and delivery solutions incorporate modern designs manufactured in a sustainable way to benefit the planet.  Food is kept fresher, and has no contact with harmful chemicals. 

We have a wide range of Sugar Cane, PLA and PotatoPak trays, along with barrier or breathable films and closure options.

Our biodegradable cling film is completely compostable allowing it to be disposed of along with the packing tray, creating a complete compostable solution for packaged food. As well as being 100% biodegradable, our cling film is also safe non-toxic and chemical free.

Cafes and fresh food suppliers use our closures options to package a wide variety of fresh food and food based products, that are then able to be delivered to their customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable way.

We supply a range of commercial closure solutions to manufactures in industries from pet food companies to fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers delivering into supermarket chains.

Using compostable whereever possible results in a huge reduction of waste going to landfills, and returns organic matter to the earth – as nature intended. 


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